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Thank you for visiting the website of Douglasville Chiropractor Dr. Edmond Hattaway and Health For Life Chiropractic - a professional Douglasville chiropractic clinic. In practice as well as online, Douglasville Georgia 30135 chiropractor Dr. Hattaway strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

We employ a variety of traditional and low-force (NO POPPING/CRACKING) methods depending on each patient's individual problem and comfort level with chiropractic treatment. Specializing in Auto-related injuries such as whiplash and spinal pain brought on by movement.

We are also certified in Physiologic & Therapeutic Procedures, and utilize therapies including ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and infrared therapy. We also offer SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY for disc bulge in the neck and lower back.

Founded in November 1988, Dr. Hattaway has helped more than 12,000 Douglas county residents to achieve more active and pain-free lives through chiropractic methods. While back pain is most often associated with chiropractic, we also help with neck pain, headaches, shoulder and arm pain, hip and leg pain, and jaw pain.

We welcome new patients and have a super-convenient walk-in policy for established clients.
Within our website, Douglasville and surrounding area residents will find all types of health and wellness related information including information about our office and services, chiropractic, back and neck pain, work and auto injuries and much, much more.

We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. Again, thank you for visiting and remember to come back often.

Yours in health,

Dr. Edmond Hattaway, D.C.

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